The Credit Scoring Site A bleak account 

Nerdwallet, Inc. (n3438676)

False information published by Nerdwallet - 20200316
Even after a drubbing over spreading certain false information, a popular personal finance website maintains the same false notion. 2020-03-16

Credit Score Myth 4,, and Fair Isaac
Utterances of the myth that there is something significant about a so-called credit utilization ratio of 30 percent. 2015-11-09

Real nerds correct their misinformation, #1412k, #creditchat
Correspondence to California regarding #Myth2, data used to calculate credit scores, and a credit score range. Numbers don't lie. 2014-12-17

The Christian Science Monitor and two credit score utilization ratio experts
#Myth4: Alive, well, and bicoastal, in Massachusetts, Florida and certainly, California. 2015-04-09

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis credit score video review
Interaction with a central bank. A look inside the regional bank of the Eighth Federal Reserve District in the U.S. 2015-04-10

Sean McQuay, self-proclaimed expert, Nerdwallet, Inc.