The Credit Scoring Site A bleak account 

Credit scores in employment, media reports video

Despite evidence to the contrary, network, cable, local and internet electronic media reports allege credit score use in employment screening

| By Greg Fisher

The camera never lies.

Reporters say employers use credit scores while consumer reporting agencies Equifax, Experian and TransUnion all state that they do not provide credit scores for employment purposes.

NBC Washington

WTSP, Channel 10, Tampa (Gannett)



NECN (Comcast)

WPTV, Channel 5, West Palm Beach (Scripps)

KTTV, Los Angeles (FOX/News Corp.)

KFSM, Channel 5, Fort Smith

KGO, Channel 7, San Francisco (Disney-ABC)

WBZ, Channel 4, Boston (CBS)

KEYE, Channel 42, Austin

WCBS, New York

KABC, Los Angeles (featuring Equifax)

"Today" (NBC)

"Marketplace Money" (American Public Media)

United States Department of the Treasury



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