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What score? The myFICO FICO credit score based on Equifax data.

| By Greg Fisher

If the Equifax data-based credit score sold on myfico.com can be as high as 850, and it is not FICO 8, then what version is it?

One citizen says that all three of his credit scores from Myfico are 850. However, it is not clear what scores those are. On a FICO 8 information page, Fair Isaac states, "When a significant number of lenders have upgraded, we will work with the credit reporting agencies to provide FICO 8 Scores to consumers here on myFICO."

Myfico is Fair Isaac's website for consumers, and there, the company sells certain (or, more accurately speaking, uncertain) FICO credit score versions.

FICO 8 (initially called FICO 08) appeared in 2009.

In 2008, Fair Isaac identified the three Myfico score models and versions-- one corresponding to data from each of the three, main, national consumer reporting agencies. In two of three cases, the credit scores were the same versions mentioned in the Fannie Mae mortgage lending guidelines. The score based on TransUnion information was the exception.

A sample credit score disclosure on krollfactualdata.com indicates that the highest "Beacon 5" possible is 818.

Fair Isaac indicates that the highest FICO 8 score is 850.