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| By Greg Fisher

Equifax Canada credit scores

In the U.S., employers do not use credit scores.

@creditscoring Please do bite me!

— Gail Vaz-Oxlade (@GailVazOxlade) February 18, 2014

(see February 18)

@Equifax In Canada, do you provide #creditscores for employment purposes? http://t.co/JplorPrqxt @FCACan

— Greg Fisher (@creditscoring) February 19, 2014

.@Equifax, you were direct in 2008: http://t.co/5u1PYhL8lI. Is it a secret? @FCACan #creditscore #jobs #Canada

— Greg Fisher (@creditscoring) February 20, 2014

@creditscoring still direct. We provide credit reports & scores in adherence w/ regs for Canada not the U.S. regs cited in your examples.

— Equifax Inc. (@Equifax) February 20, 2014

@Equifax, I didn't ask about Canadian regulations. I asked if you provide #creditscores for employment purposes there.http://t.co/yiipxFPLhT

— Greg Fisher (@creditscoring) February 20, 2014

@Equifax Indeed. And that Canadian info says that "employers may also look at your credit report and #creditscore." http://t.co/XZ2hsuEeHH

— Greg Fisher (@creditscoring) February 20, 2014
(that thread on social media website)

Equifax obscurity, anonymity and citizenship

@Equifax, what is the name your anonymous blogger who refers to a "blended credit score"? http://t.co/OlnnVDZ5vu #citizenship

— Greg Fisher (@creditscoring) February 26, 2014