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Equifax, "[Blankity] CREDIT SCORING MODEL"?

The Equifax Score (with the 280-350 scale) compared to a 300-850 one. #mocketing

| By Greg Fisher

There is a page at (click on the last "Learn More") that says [Blankity] CREDIT SCORING MODEL. Above those words, a credit score is described as having a scale that ranges from 280 to 850.

That does not make sense. Equifax, itself, has a score with the scale 280-850, but 280 alongside a mention of a FICO credit score model is odd.

300-850 (nothing new) and 250-900 are scales Fair Isaac recently mentioned with new services available to the public.

From: Greg Fisher []
Sent: Monday, February 09, 2015 8:34 AM
To: Tim Klein, vice president, Corporate Communications, Public Relations, Equifax
Subject: credit score, Equifax, The, blankity

See this message and your response at #1502T

What is the name of a lender who uses the "The Equifax Credit Score" based on Equifax data?

I am not a reporter on deadline. This is more important than that.

Make sure that the top person of your company gets a copy of this, please.

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