The Credit Scoring Site A bleak account 

December interaction

5. Brad Smith's Company's Message About His False Information
KS of the QuickBooks social media support team @qbcares (''... and we're here to help.'') responds

6. Associated Press False Information
Report not true; AP makes false claim about the history of the United States of America

12. The Errors of Kerry Picket and Kirby Puckett
One statistic is history and will not change; the other continues

19. The Daily in the Daily Caller
Weekly-- with truth-- would be better

20. Truth with a small t, 'drain the swamp,' history
Efficacy a message via email to the Daily Caller

21. Credit Score Myth 8 spreads from New Jersey to Minnesota #Myth8
On Minnesota newspaper website, Lendedu writer falsely claims closing accounts removes them from credit report.