The Credit Scoring Site A bleak account 

March interaction

31. Credit score gibberish, state of New York #n511
#HelloNewYork! Revamp for the Department of Financial Services. Copy-and-paste. Easy-breezy. #DotGov

28. Interdepartmental communication, New Hampshire #n509
#HelloNewHampshire! Here is a message from the governor's press secretary. #DotGov

27. Credit score mystery: The magic words and the magic number
Words: I'm with the media, and I'm on deadline! Number: 687. #n512

26. n539 - Bank name on state of North Dakota website disappears
Information changes following writer's contact with governor's office and Bremer Bank.

20. The efficacy of telephone calls to the Associated Press
The telephone calls were a waste of time. Put it in writing. Get it in writing.

13. Experian on 30 percent, the credit utilization ratio magic number
Audio of Experian spokesman on 30%, 10%, very high, very low, rule of-thumb and ultimate goal for credit card balance to-limit ratios, and closing accounts. #Myth4 #1503b

11. Forget credit scores-- Bloomberg can't even get history right.
Bloomberg organization publishes and maintains false reports about American history, and repeats the myth that employers use credit scores. #Myth2 #Myth6

4. Credit score Myth 4 and the United States government #myth4
#Myth4 (alleged utilization ratio magic number) gets scrutiny thanks to Consumer Reports and the CFPB (aka BCFP)