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2011 Credit Score News


Thomson Reuters in 2011 on the employers using credit scores in jobs and hiring myth. The news agency said Fair Isaac (FICO) confirmed the information.

Not just one or two, but three instances in the last two years.

4/24. video shows media, experts, central bank and legislators furthering the myth that employers use credit scores in hiring decisions

If you don't know much about money, don't feel stupid. Even the Federal Reserve needs an education.


The Consumer Federation of America credit score survey incident. VantageScore and Reuters further the employers-use-credit-scores myth

Want press? Conduct a survey. Want bad press? Do it with VantageScore.


What the federal government tells you about credit scores - A report starting 2/21/11

They're from the government and they're here to help you.


Fair Isaac says the FICO scale is 300-850. Court document says the range is otherwise - A report starting 2/14/11

The scale is, apparently, 368 to 871.


Wikipedia looks like an encyclopedia, but is really just a message board - A report starting 2/2/11

A supplement to Wikipedia's information about credit scores; you'll need it.