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CBS News website contains the same sentences found on other websites



A screenshot

Very funny: After all the hullaballoo (see "Embroilments"), Experian's made the bogus claim, " can provide you with a 3 bureau credit report with FICO scores from all three agencies," and, of course, capitulated. Screenshot of the deed.


And demonstrates a lack of knowledge regarding statehouses

Spokesman: "It doesn't matter to me whether employers are using scores, they are using reports, and their use of reports should be rolled back."


HUD introduces new minimum FICO credit scores and loan-to-value ratio requirements for FHA-insured loans.

While HUD says 580, the market is tighter.


As the consumer reporting agencies deny providing scores to employers, a congressman refers to credit score use in employment screening.

Added feature: Experian


The Believers team meme gains steam, and things aren't always what they seem.

Credit scores in employment and job screening. A correction following email by Fabulous Part II.


When asked for its source, Tribune Company's LA Times cites "If those are your sources, you blew it."


Author attempts to justify her comment that employers use credit scores

Her sources do not support her claim.


In 2010, Mighty Net's claims that it provides a 3 bureau credit report with FICO scores from all three agencies

Experian just bought with all its goofiness.


Hearst's San Francisco Chronicle, Investopedia and Fabulously Broke in the City and credit scores in employment and job screening

Influence > Media > Newspapers > Hearst > San Francisco Chronicle > Fabulous, employers

Fabulous. Just fabulous.


History is replete with numbers that define the world. The world of credit scoring has a famous number, too.

Equifax > Equifax Credit Score > Magic 850

Equifax, the national consumer reporting agency, has discovered the mystical power of 850.


Responding to, FICO removes information that supported Associated Press analysis that scores fell.

Two and Two > Scores fall story > FICO removes distribution charts

Deletion of FICO credit score distribution charts invalidates wire service story.


Blogosphere chain reaction furthers the notion of credit score use by employers.

Influence > Media > Magazines > Meme

Fiction influences reality.


Mainstream media report AP reports percentage of consumers with FICO scores under 600 rises to 25%.

Two and Two > Scores fall story

The AP story's premise contains some inconsistencies.


The median FICO credit score was once known to be 723, but now the statistic is proprietary information.

Credit score > FICO > Average > Secret

Contractual agreements between two of the consumer reporting agencies and scoring company FICO prohibit FICO from disclosing the average credit score numbers.


Federal agency in the Department of Defense states that it does not use credit scores for security clearances.

Influence > Government > Employers > Defense Security Service

Agency reviews credit reports, but not scores.


How is America doing? Putting two and two together about the average credit score.

Two and Two > Average

It doesn't add up.


First case: U.S. Bank and PrivacyGuard

Enough to be Dangerous > U.S. Bank > PrivacyGuard

Partners sell a Fake-O as FICO.


In 2010, Fed's statement creates a new low point

Influence > Government > Federal Reserve > 2010, U.S. House

A comma tells the story.


The Fed replies with its sources (popular media reports) to support claim that employers use credit scores

Influence > Government > Federal Reserve > 2009 replies

Recently, the Federal Reserve told congress that employers use credit scores. A year before, the Fed answered some questions.


Fundamental document from FICO listing all of the FICO credit score reasons that a score is not higher

Credit score > Fico > Factors > Reason codes

A base piece of the puzzle; the reasons that could be given that the score is not higher and that are delivered with a score. Direct from the developer.


Maryland Delegate replies that the Associated Press made an error with one word

Influence > Media > News agencies > AP > March 1, 2010

A broad reach. The legislator responded.


Gannett outlet fails to provide its source, saying it happened too long ago

Influence > Media > Conglomerates > Gannett > USA TODAY, August 11, 2003

Some information etched into the walls of the internet may never go away, and worse, you may never know who said it.


Chicken/egg dynamic between legislature and media regarding credit score use in employment

Influence > Government > Legislators > Oregon SB 1045

Shooting ducks on a pond. Features TransUnion blowing it again.


Industry illustrates FICO credit score breakdown and useable ranges of the distribution

Credit score > Distribution. How many people have what score?


Washington state attorney general does not say what security clearances require credit scores

Influence > Government > Washington AG. A lesson on how to use "may" and "can."


Email to congressman and co-sponsors requesting information source

Influence > Government > Legislators. Another attempt to contact the congressman.


TransUnion floats another credit report and credit score website filling up virtual shelf space

You just have to have faith.