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Fair Isaac v. Experian et al react to verdict in VantageScore trial
District Court in midwest rules against Fair Isaac (maybe they should have stayed in California)

Press releases regarding lawsuit between FICO and the credit bureaus over VantageScore. FICO to appeal.


H.R.4173 - Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2009
U.S. House bill calls for consumers to get same credit scores that lenders get.

How Experian's action shaped legislation.


Congressman: Employers use scores, and utilization ratio importance
Treasury says employers use scores, and a congressman complains; also complains about utilization ratio effect.

A letter from a congressman to the Comptroller of the Currency, United States Department of the Treasury.


Credit score utilization ratio misinformation
Exploding a myth

Will they issue corrections?


Credit scores used by employers: Media reports video
Despite evidence to the contrary, network, cable, local and internet electronic media reports allege credit score use in employment screening.

The camera never lies.


The Dallas Morning News on employers not using Equifax credit scores and reports
Media syndicate reports Equifax does not provide credit scores or even reports to employers, but Equifax's ads say something else.

Equifax's network of scary, inaccurate advertising


Average credit score chart, FHA loans
HUD trend statistics for government insured FHA loans and their FICO scores

FHA fires back.


McClatchy newspaper will not identify its sources
Lawyer takes the fall

BONUS: The definition of the use of the word "usually" from the legal profession.


FICO states average credit score
FICO CEO's message differs from company line in the past

In an August 6 interview on CNBC about a company study, the FICO CEO utters, "Average score is somewhere in the mid 600s." [video]


Credit score use by employers depiction by CBS
Dallas CBS television station cannot name its source, but refuses to change its story.

Despite the CRAs claim that they do not sell scores to for employment, the expert financial analyst launches into his shocking revelation for the viewers of Dallas-Fort Worth, saying, "There are a lot of reasons for this."


Members of Congress say credit scores are used by employers
A bill is introduced while the consumer reporting agencies say that they do not even sell credit scores for employment screening.

Coming soon: Congress makes perpetual motion illegal.


Average credit score trend chart/time series
The ups and downs. Are credit scores getting better, or worse?

A credit score chart, cobbled together from various sources, to show average credit scores over time, year-by-year.


Training Experian update: Employers and scores
Another example of Experian saying scores are used by employers.

Reset the countdown for the correction— there's another screw-up.

Getting your Equifax credit report in person
The secret address shows Equifax its problem and even bends-over backwards to provide a simple solution.


Consumer finance company accounts
Consumer finance company accounts affect the FICO score, but credit reports do not identify them.

A query to Ben Bernanke of the Federal Reserve.


Credit score range
Definition and comparison of the ranges of various credit score models, including FICO.

Range vs. scale. List of various credit scores' ranges. Definitions.


USA Today on employers using credit scores, Part 2
National newspaper (still) will not identify its source

Newspaper with top circulation sticks fingers in ears.


Wikipedia 4-year error
Overstates importance credit utilization ratio

Would you take medical advice from Dr. Veghead?


USA Today on employers using credit scores, Part 1
National newspaper will not identify its source

Vague, unsubstantiated reference to employers using credit scores. Wild goose chase.


Training Experian.
Pay attention, Experian

Here is a road map. Stop screwing up.


Experian: We don't sell scores to employers. Employers use scores.
Same story; different consumer reporting agency

The pitch and the truth.


TransUnion training
Pay attention, TransUnion

Here is a road map.


Equifax training
Pay attention, Equifax

Here is a road map.


Equifax: We don't sell scores to employers. Employers know your score.
Missed one

Equifax notified of conflicting statements.


TransUnion: We don't sell scores to employers. Employers use scores.
Back and forth

TransUnion notified of conflicting statements.


Equifax reacts
Changes message

Removes "employers."


Equifax employer elephant in the living room
Unanswered question

Equifax replies—but with no answer. A week passes.


Equifax states that employers can know your credit score
Consumer reporting agency also said that they do not provide scores for pre employment screening

Includes email to Equifax for clarification.


TransUnion employers survey credit report question error
Consumer reporting agency releases botched survey results

TransUnion conducted a survey of human resource decision makers, but asked the wrong question.


What is a credit score?
Definitions of the term credit score

Consumer reporting industry and federal government entities define credit scores.


Free FICO Score update
Free for the first 10,000

FICO credit scores for free. The real score.


Fair Isaac defines subprime as, generally, less than 640 FICO score
CNBC interviews Fair Isaac CEO about mortgage borrowers

But, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Department defines two "Sub-Prime" categories below 660. Other examples contrast with FICO's claim.


Credit scores in employment, believers and nonbelievers
Which side are you on?

Side-by-side compilation of those who think, or don't think, that employers use credit scores to screen potential employees.


The Credit Score Blog
Supplements The Credit Scoring Site

See The Credit Score Blog and The Credit Score Blog RSS 2.0 feed. The first post is a response to a reader question about the effect of a short sale (also known as preforeclosure sale) on a credit score.

(There are two feeds, now: The Credit Scoring Site news and updates RSS feed at, and the new blog feed, above.)


Average FICO credit score utterances
They can't all be right

A bunch of guys say a bunch of different things about what the average credit score really is. And, Fair Isaac says that they haven't updated the FICO credit score average lately, anyway.


Free FICO Score (Score Only) at
No strings attached, but no extras either

As tested by Get an absolutely free FICO credit score (Equifax version, BEACON), but without the score simulator, and without your credit report (but with offers to purchase those, of course). One free one every 12 months. No credit card. No obligation. Just the score.

Credit Utilization Ratio, Reduced Credit Limits, and the Media
Wags dogging the tail

USA Today reports, "He [Tom Quinn, Fair Isaac vice president of global scoring] says, though, that partly because of media inquiries, the company is reviewing how credit-line reductions affect consumers' credit scores."

Fair Isaac also reviewed authorized user accounts, but could not make up its mind. They ignored it, then restored it.

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