The Credit Scoring Site A bleak account 


Synopsis of all years' news and significant credit score events; index to the individual years' updates and features









Fake-O FICO Funk: How Experian took America for a big ride. FICO 08 misnomer: still not released in the year of its name. Fannie Mae credit score chart shows different FICO versions. Wild Wikipedia. VantageScore gets older. Employers screening employees and potential employees, but no names; Fair Isaac and U.S. Treasury join the chorus while credit bureaus deny providing scores for employment screening. Wikipedia Fake-O item passes one-year mark press release. Free credit score with a catch. Inquiries 14-day and 45-day periods. Heard in Senate hearing: 720. Credit utilization ratio (so-called) and advice about it. Mainstream media knee-jerk story assumes what other media publish is true and extrapolates from it story about president-elect.


Funk/Debunk. CR report. Contestant: Money. Tweedledum brags. Fake-O FICO Funk debut. Begging. Misinformation. YouTube scoops C-Span. Inquiry type non-disclosure. Congressional hearing. Authorized user fallout. Supreme Court. TransUnion thin-file. VantageScore beat FICO on authorized user. Authorized user nulled. FICO credit score tweaked. Subprime foreclosure blame. Authorized user. New FICO Forums on Fair Isaac's Smart moves: 612 to 804 in 16 months. Outrageous moves: 726 to 490 in 11 months. Insurance credit scores go to the Supreme Court. Study #4,396: Nontraditional data for credit scores. VantageScore passes Department of Justice test. Flipper Nation. Fun with Numbers and Equifax. Max to Philly.


$10.00 for consumer file disclosure (credit report), per FTC. Library fines and scores. VantageScore released. Mortgage triggers. Fair Isaac personnel cuts. The Credit Scoring Site and author submits comments to Federal reserve regarding missing information on consumer disclosure credit reports. Fair Isaac sues its business partners, the three national credit reporting agencies (credit bureaus). Consumer Reports on auto insurance scores. Jury to Equifax: Pay $351,000. Authorized users: Rent a surrogate stranger's credit. Oregon: First public vote on insurance scoring.


PBS documentary on credit cards. TransUnion family feud. CFA and Fair Isaac study: Consumers don't get credit scoring. Then, the fallout in the media. FICO score distribution adjustment. HMDA: Minorities get higher-cost mortgage loans. Katrina and credit scores. Politicians' credit scores in campaign.


Free FICO scores from Providian. $3 million Allstate settlement. The Credit Scoring Site asks, "What in the world is the PLUS Score, and what lender uses it?" The press falls for PLUS score campaign. Fannie Freddie sued for racial discrimination. FICO Expansion non-traditional credit score. TXU Energy. Consumer Federation study. The Credit Scoring Site author submits comment to Federal Reserve. On Capitol Hill, Capital One asked about its practice of not reporting credit limits. Suze Orman.


Get all three bureaus' scores at Consumers Union (Consumer Reports) president calls for insurance score ban. American's score D on Fair Isaac's quiz. Fair Isaac NexGen. TSA and CAPPS II. Liz pre-book yak. Fair Isaac in Minneapolis. Fair Isaac, then and now. TransUnion (formerly Trans Union) FICO scores on Fair Isaac's Superbowl spot transcribed. State of Washington insurance scores.


Canada privacy. The Credit Scoring Site in Federal Reserve publication. Georgia Insurance Commission insurance score investigation. Found Experian statement about their answer to the FICO score, "We have altered the scale to make it easier to compare to other well-known models." Allstate sued. Fair Isaac compares interest rates to scores at "... she's never filed an insurance claim, and she hasn't had a traffic ticket in 14 years." NY Times: "Borrower Beware: Credit Scorers are Watching. 2 of 3 FICO scores still secret. myFICO score simulator. Equifax: "Get Your REAL Score – The One Lenders Use." Newsweek: "Credit: The Real Score." The Inquiry Inquiry. The Credit Scoring Site recommended in Nolo book. TU releases FICO. U.S. Congress House Resolution 3607 proposes score disclosure. "More Great Links: 'The Credit Scoring Site.'" Fair Isaac granted $.5 million air security study money. Texas and Farmers Insurance. Class action against Tweedledee Freddie Mac. Consumer Federateion study, "Millions of Americans Jeopardized by Inaccurate Credit Scores."