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Training Experian on credit scores, employers

Experian, follow these directions and make the corrections.

Also, see

National Financial Literacy Month, 2011 (video),
Myth: Employers use credit scores


Experian, the Thousand Scores people, loudly and broadly claimed that employers use credit scores.

Then, Experian (home of the fakiest, most enduring Fake-O of them all) said, "Experian's business policy prevents the inclusion of credit scores with an employment report."

Experian, pay attention. Check the blog, and the news page for assignments.

Shape up, Experian! Get your oligopolic act together and change your silly information now. Chop, chop. Hop to it. Do it now.


Experian still has it both ways.

The consumer reporting agency states that it does not sell credit scores for employment. But, while hustling the world's biggest Fake-O at another of its web sites in its far-flung (and out-of-control) empire, it states, "Credit scoring helps potential lenders, landlords, and employers quickly gauge an applicant's credit history."

Experian, consider a different, more realistic, line of work— one matching your capabilities. Your name could be used for anything, after all. How about Experian Vacuum Cleaner Sales? Or, Experian Junk Yard and Recycling? Experian Burger-Rama? Experian Auto Parts? You, of all people, should know that nothing is forever.


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Do employers use credit scores?

Don't believe it.

April, 1997: "Information on how to obtain one's credit score is suspiciously absent from your site. How do I get mine?"

"And we're not running a game show. I mean, we're evaluating risk. We're not trying to have people get--achieve the highest score."

"Fisher is a fan of going by the book and then beyond it."

"He beat the scoring proponents to the punch by scooping up the web address, from which he launches often strident, sometimes wacky, but usually well-documented attacks on the credit-scoring concept and the industries that support it."

Realty Consumers Empowered By Online "Peoples" Court - "His Web site helped him-- and millions of other consumers-- extend fair credit reporting rights to credit scoring information."

"Fisher operates the Web site, which skewers the secrecy of the credit bureaus and Fair, Isaac." - The Detroit News

" is an exceptionally-interesting site that offers news and information regarding credit scoring and-- really-- the entire credit process."

"'Garbage in, garbage out,' says Greg Fisher of Dayton, Ohio, who runs two Web sites on the subject, and"