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U.S. News & World Report Dubious Headline: "Obama Wants Your Credit Score"
Mainstream media knee-jerk story about an alleged practice in conflict with an actual supplier's claim: No reputable employer does it.

On November 13, 2008, a U.S. News & World Report writer posted a story with the headline, "Obama Wants Your Credit Score".

However, the company providing the consumer reports emphatically states, "ChoicePoint does not offer credit scores for purposes of employment-related background checks and no reputable background screening company or employer uses credit scores as part of the hiring process."

The story became the number three search engine result for the term "credit score" on Yahoo! News.

The blog post refers to CNN, who claims to have a document from The Obama Transition Foundation that instructs presidential administration job-candidates on the required paperwork and disclosures.

The word "score" does not appear in the document

The headline is amplified.

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April, 1997: "Information on how to obtain one's credit score is suspiciously absent from your site. How do I get mine?"

"And we're not running a game show. I mean, we're evaluating risk. We're not trying to have people get--achieve the highest score."

"Fisher is a fan of going by the book and then beyond it."

"He beat the scoring proponents to the punch by scooping up the web address, from which he launches often strident, sometimes wacky, but usually well-documented attacks on the credit-scoring concept and the industries that support it."

Realty Consumers Empowered By Online "Peoples" Court - "His Web site helped him-- and millions of other consumers-- extend fair credit reporting rights to credit scoring information."

"Fisher operates the Web site, which skewers the secrecy of the credit bureaus and Fair, Isaac." - The Detroit News

" is an exceptionally-interesting site that offers news and information regarding credit scoring and-- really-- the entire credit process."

"'Garbage in, garbage out,' says Greg Fisher of Dayton, Ohio, who runs two Web sites on the subject, and"